Rap Music: How Next Generation is going To Evolve Rap Music to Stay Ahead

by Adam Yorkshire

Rap music has been evolving since its creation. This evolution of music has led to a vast variety of music that all people can enjoy. Rap and hip-hop have a rich history in American culture. Rap music began setting its roots into society in the late 70’s and early 80’s. If you look closely at the history of rap music, you will see that it began its origins and became popular and well-known in Latino and African American street cultures and around the New York City area.

Rap began when New York City DJ’s started making use of rhythmic drum beats and percussion riffs to stir up and mix into popular disco and funk songs that were mostly played in nightclub settings. During this time, people realized the power these DJ’s had at attracting a large number of crowds to their rhythmic music. The rise of the disc jockey closely parallels rap because rap, at the time, was created through the use of DJ equipment. New rap music can incorporate many other forms of instrumental music and is now primarily focused on fast-paced vocals.

By the ’90s, a sub-genre of rap music took America by storm and was known as gangsta rap. This type of music focused on explicit content and controversial lyrics. This music also gave way to the fast-paced and rhythmic vocals that new rap music is so well-known for. Break dancing is also a popular subculture that’s attached and conjoined with rap. Many break dancers perform their stunts to the hypnotic beats of rap. Rap has been compared to the ancient music of Africa with its wild chants and drum beats. While this may be so, rap has evolved greatly since that era.

New rap music contains all the old traditional qualities with modern ones. Some would say that the creator of a certain rap song’s beat is a hero to certain rap songs that make it big. But, others would say that the glory should be given to the singer of the rap song. Many men and women have devoted their lives contributing to the rap genre of music.

Rap can be found anywhere, whether you are browsing through the multitudes of websites or looking on store shelves that are dedicated to rap music. Music downloads for age-old and popular rap songs are as rampant today as they have ever been. Downloading music is a great way to listen to your favorite rap on your personal computer, on your mobile device, or as a CD in your car. Listening to your favorite rap songs can be a fantastic way to feel closer to the generation of music innovators.

The popularity of rap has grown considerably since it was first introduced into our society and will continue to grow over time. Rap can be a perfect addition to any party setting or nightclub as well as being ideal as the right music for a relaxing night. And with the possibilities of the Internet, listening to your favorite rap is just a click away.