How to Make Rap Music – The Easiest Proven Ways

By Adam Yorkshire

Your dream of becoming the best musician in the history of rap music is just around the corner. Fortunately, there are some proven ways to help you get up to your feet and create your own music that everybody will love. The stress-free ways are here to help you get started.

The first easy way to do is to think of your subject. You can rap almost about anything that life could bring. But it’s recommended that you rap about things that really concern you, your observations in life, your personality, or your feelings. This way, real emotions can be easily passed in your song to the listeners. You can also use current events as your topic for your rap music. Ensure it’s something your listeners can easily relate. It has to be something that became instantly popular.

Your bass line is something worth considering when making rap music. You can start with a low tone and slowly work on every tone and beat within the bass line. Ensure that every tone works perfectly with other tones so that the perfect blending can be achieved. It’s also imperative to work on your song structure so that a certain pattern will be easily distinguished. This way, the listeners can easily catch the beat, the tempo and the general structure of your music.

After structuring your song, you’re now ready to take the next step – that of applying the lyrics. In rap, you need to know that the simpler you can get the better. Just make sure that the lyrics you apply are on the same level as the beats you make. Follow the flow of your song. One essential thing to learn when writing the words of your rap music is that rap usually contains an overwhelming amount of metaphors. Other rappers make use of other figures of speech like simile. By using these, your rap will be given another twist to kick the emotions of the listeners. With the proper usage of similes and metaphors, your song will have instant recall.

Also, do not forget to get some pointers to other rappers and famous artists. Like you, they also began from scratch. But, keep in mind that no matter how influential these figures are in rap music, by the end of the day, you’ll be your own influence when creating your own rap music. Therefore, celebrate with your creativity and splurge in your own ideas and rapping style. In no time at all, you’ll be the next best thing in making rap music.

Techniques to Help You Create Rap Music

Listen to rap played every day on the radio. Listen to how your favorite musicians deliver their songs. Feel the emotions going through their songs. By listening attentively every day, you’ll get to feel that rap music is such an important part of your life like sleeping and eating. This will make you love rapping and will motivate you to create rap music.

You can also try your hands into writing. It’s really not such a big deal if you do not love writing. But for the sake of creating raps, you need to make an effort to write. This will help you to create your own style in rapping. This will also give you many ideas for your songs.

Another technique is to build rapport with other rappers. Listen to them and ask for pointers. Make it your passion to rap with them. Aside from improving yourself with rapping style, this is also fun. This technique will also help you to connect with the wholeness of the song.

The next technique may sound like a formula, but there is no better way into creating rap music but to keep on practicing. Practice is very important. Rap with your friends, Rap with your family, rap with your teachers and your neighbors. They may be annoyed at first, but they will be familiar with your music. This is a good beginning to help them understand your passion. More often than not, these same people will also be the first ones to support you and congratulate you when you are successful in your music career.